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How does domestic cable/connector develop in the wave of industrial robots?
Visit:2731次    Date:2022-05-07
Although there are not many companies doing robotic cables in China, a considerable factory is interested in getting involved in the robot cable business, and some of them have begun to prepare to enter the market. According to Xu Shu, some time ago we visited some large cable companies in Hubei and southeast to communicate with their R \\u0026 D departments. Almost every factory has plans to make robotic cables, and some have approved the project.  
Imported alternative roads.  
With the promotion of factors such as the global supply gap of the global supply gap and the gradual maturity of the domestic technology of downstream robot shipments, the domestic cable connector companies have ushered in rare development opportunities.  
However, it is understood that more than 80%of the Chinese robot market uses imported cables and connectors. In this market, foreign companies are far ahead. For example, Fushang has invested a lot of capital support for research and development. The products have been applied to servo drivers such as Mitsubishi, Anchuan, Panasonic, Taida, Sanyo, Omron, Estton, Huazhong CNC, and Guangzhou CNC.  
To this end, He Jiancheng said: China has a good innate condition, that is, our market is large. China has a great demand for industrial robots, so the localization of the connector is imminent and grasped the initiative. As far as I know, there are quite a lot of connectors in China to invest and develop industrial robot connectors.  
There is also great potential in import substitution, but in addition to the price and service life, domestic cables and connectors also have the problem of imperfect product series and consistency. The performance of some products in the actual use environment does not match the performance of the laboratory, which hinders the domesticization process.  
Wu Changshun, deputy director of the China National Cable Research Committee of China National Network, said: There are many cable companies in China, but due to the differences in technical strength, development concepts, and information sources, most domestic robot and cable companies follow the trend and imitation.  
Jiang Taike said: There is still a long way to go in domestic industrial connectors. In the short term, domestic industrial robot connectors are still quite disadvantaged. At present, the latest technology is mastered by foreign companies, which is largely limited by foreign companies. In the long run, we should seek independent development, strengthen research and development, and keep up with the trend. We should treat it as a long -term project to break the current ride of high -end high -end connectors abroad.  
Among them, weak raw material technology is one of the keys to localization. Shenzhen Jindaike Environmental Protection Cable Co., Ltd. is developing reptile robot cables to provide robotic cables for Youbixuan and DJI. Jin Tao, the director of Kim Taico, bluntly said that Jin Taike's current use of imported raw materials is mainly because of the use of domestic raw materials, and the customer reports that there are defects, and Kim Taico himself obviously feels the gap.  
However, although there is still a long way to go, the industry is still confident. Cao Kefeng said: With the guidance and support of Industry 4.0, the localized route of industrial robot connectors can take. In the future, China's demand for industrial robots will continue to increase, and its development will inevitably promote the development of connectors, which will be a huge opportunity for domestic connector companies.

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