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How to choose an industrial connector
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To choose an industrial connector, you need to do the following: plug. Which socket needs to be fixed, which one needs to move, determine the environment, and determine the voltage and current parameters.  
The cables are connected to the power supply and electrical devices at both ends of the cable. At both ends, install the plug or socket of the industrial connector. When choosing, this is the same as the wall socket or poustal wiring board. Consider who moves and who is fixed. Take a look at some specific applications. The description of the environment is usually divided by IP level.  
Easy \\u0026 SAFE's fast connection series protection level is IP44, which can protect liquid and solid interference in most cases. The product itself pays more attention to fast connection: ergonomic design such as the shape, locking, and unlock form of the plug -in socket to achieve a relaxed and reliable connection.  
The daily wall switch, chip plug and spring socket are suitable for small load currents. Poor contact often brings potential fault risks such as heat. The sleeve pitch structure adopted by the industrial connector has the characteristics of self -clamping, which is larger than that of ordinary sockets in the contact pressure and contact area of the contact area.  
In more harsh industrial places: the probability of liquid overflow and high air dust density. We need to choose a heavy -duty protection product Tough \\u0026 SAFE series, and the highest protection level can reach IP67. The product itself is made of PBT materials and introduces the application place for anti -industrial connectors. PBT Chinese name Polyzhebenate, referred to as saturated polyester, is a high -crystalline thermal plastic plastic.  
Advantages: 1. The mechanical properties are stable, the resistance of the tension is similar to that the amount of anti -tensor is the nylon; 2. The friction coefficient is small and the self -moisturization is good; 3. The water absorption rate is low; 4. Good electrical performance; Oil resistance.  
Uses: 1. Electronics: non -melting electrical appliances, electromagnetic switches, returning transformers, household electrical handles, connectors, shells, etc. ; 2. Car: door handle, bumper, division of electric disk cover, muddy board, wire shell, wheel cover, etc. ; 3. Industrial parts: OA fan, keyboard, fishing gear roll machine, components, lampshades, etc. High -quality materials make the solid type adaptable and more complex environment.

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