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Industrial control connector development trend
Visit:2646次    Date:2022-05-07
With the transformation of traditional manufacturing to high -end manufacturing, the wave of "re -industrialization" with intelligent manufacturing has intensified, and the interconnection and remote interactions of industrial control equipment have become the key to improving the level of automation. The industrial system includes a variety of electrical components and equipment such as PCB circuit boards, sensors, drivers, motors, industrial computers, electrical cabinets, etc. These devices must be connected to each other to work together to form a huge demand for industrial control connectors.  
According to Bishopassociate statistics, the global mayor/market size of the industrial control connector in 2020 was approximately US $ 7.722 billion, and the average annual compound growth rate from 2010 to 2020 was approximately 4.03%. While accelerating the development of industrial automation and intelligent development in major industrial developed countries such as the United States and Germany, some developing countries actively participate in global industrial re -distribution, acquire industries and capital transfer, and quickly achieve scale expansion. This is the direct benefit of the growth of industrial control connectors market demand.  
Compared with other types of connectors, industrial control connectors can be widely used in industrial production, especially in the connection requirements in demanding and complex environments. Require.  
(1) Environmental adaptability  
Based on the complexity of the working environment in the field of industrial control (for example, all factors such as dust, dust, temperature, temperature, humidity, and mechanical vibration impact may interfere with conventional connections).  
Therefore, the shell, structure, main contact materials, coating materials and thickness of the connector must be considered when designing. (For example: the sealing level must meet the IP67 and IP68 standards, the product life and corrosiveness must meet the international EIA industrial application standards.)  
The connector supplier must strengthen the customization of design. With the rich downstream application scenarios, the reliability requirements of the connector will be further improved.  
(2) The narrow interval, integration  
With the improvement of the accuracy of electronic equipment and the increase of various electronic system control capabilities and complexity, the connecter products must maintain a narrow spacing and high integration while maintaining stability.  
For example, the universal board connector of industrial control equipment gradually transitioned from the past 2.54 mm, 2.0 mm, 1.27 mm to 0.8 mm, 0.635 mm, and 0.3 mm. The interval development trend, the latest mini I/O connector is smaller than the standard I/O connector.  
At the same time, in the case of extensive application of signal transmission such as multi -road transmission, integrated electrical signals, microwave signals, light signals, etc. to the same connector, and transmit each signal independently. The signals that do not interfere with each other are getting more and more many. This makes connectors an inevitable trend. For example, the number of pins corresponding to a single connector continues to increase, the signal transmission channel is richer, and multiple functions can be performed. In addition, the connector supplier must strengthen precision processing capabilities and fine -tune the work stage such as molds and welding to ensure a narrow gap and achieve higher integration. (3) High -speed, high frequency  
At present, the mainstream passage of industrial control connectors is above 3Gbps and gradually develops to 40Gbps. The larger bandwidth required for data transmission will increase the signal frequency limit. The connector is easy to generate electromagnetic interference when transmitting a faster speed and frequency signal transmission. Therefore, the connector supplier must use electromagnetic simulation software for evaluation in terms of product design, and to reach higher accuracy standards in processing and manufacturing.

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